In today’s world of ever changing technologies, only one thing in certain; If it hasn’t changed, it soon will! In some cases, older tech becomes the new solutions. Law Enforcement is one such case. Around the US, many Law Enforcement Departments are adding technology to the patrol cars. The…


California State Assembly bill AB 161 ignore fundamental recycling capabilities and are based on misleading and unsubstantiated statements and should not be enshrined in California law View Here: Appvion Response to AFPA Testimony in California  


On March 19, 2019 Kanzaki announced a Global Increase of 5% on Ticket and Tag Stocks, effective on Shipments after April 29, 2019 Kanazki Increase Tag Stock 3-27-19


January 2019 Statement From Appvion opposing the “Skip the Slip” proposed legislation in California and also announces the development of a “Prototype” alternative chemistry for thermal paper receipts. Appvion Skip the Slip Response_Jan 2019


California proposed ban on receipt paper Jan 2019 This short response was provided by The Wall Street Journal, Saturday, January 12, 2019, in response to the California Proposal to eliminate sales receipts.


Appvion Skip the Slip Response_Jan 2019   Attached is Appvion’s response to “Skip the Slip” legislation proposed in California


I guess if we all had the same crystal ball, we would all be rich, retired and not concerned with the paper markets!  However, since no-one in my peer group has this much insight, I thought I would share some of our thoughts with you. Fact:  The last 15…


Appvion is announcing another increase to Direct Thermal Tag, Label, and Entertainment (TLE) products. The attached document is the Increased amounts, effective on shipment on September 17, 2018. Please contact your supplier to see the exact percentage of increase, based on your current needs   Appvion Tag Price Announcement…


Appvion is announcing a price increase on direct thermal Point of Sale products sold Globally.  Effective on shipments on Monday, October 1, 2018 Appvion will increase prices on direct thermal Point of Sale products by 4%   Appvion POS Price Increase Letter 100118